4 Tips to Increase your Newsletter Open Rate

4 Tips to Increase your Newsletter Open Rate
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This is for anyone who is working hard on their email marketing strategy but can’t seem to achieve much success with their audience.

Open rate is a great indicator of audience engagement because it means your newsletter subject lines and introductions are exciting enough to compel the reader to click on each new message. You want your open rate to be as high as possible, unless you want all the time and energy you spend on your newsletters to be wasted.

What is a Newsletter Open Rate?

To understand your newsletter open rate as a percentage, simply divide the number of emails you sent that were opened by the recipient by the total number of emails you sent out. The average open rate is about 25%.

These tips will help you improve your newsletter open rates!

1 - Make sure you know your audience and what they want

Possibly the most important step is making sure that the content you’re sending out fits the needs and wants of your subscribers.

Think about what it is they hoped to see when they all initially subscribed to your newsletter and decide if your newsletters are providing that for them.

For example, if they signed up to receive a discount on their first order, you could periodically offer your subscribers an exclusive newsletter discount. Make them feel like they’re part of the family! If you noticed a large gain in the number of subscribers after you tried something new with your brand, try to put out similar content.

Feel free to explore the type of content you like to send, and what works for the subscribers you have.

One of the easiest ways to find out what your subscribers want to read is to ask them! Create a quick and easy survey now on surveyx.co!

2 - Provide genuine value in your newsletters

If each message reads just like an advertisement, or if it’s filled with fluff, somebody who opens one newsletter won’t be inclined to open more in the future.

You’ll want to provide them with interesting, original, and valuable information or connection. If you don’t want to offer advice or provide news updates, tell stories or write personal blog-style posts.

Whatever you decide, make it unique to your brand and style! Your audience will be attracted to authenticity over everything else.

3 - Catch their attention with a great subject line!

Lots of newsletter writers put too much pressure on themselves to come up with the absolute best subject line, but don’t let the fear of failure stop you from trying out a few kinds to see what sticks! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Let your subscriber in on a secret
  • Hint at something of high value that is within the letter
  • Make them feel special or exclusive
  • Write it like a descriptive title of a blog post or newsletter
  • Use an emoji or two that relates to the content of the subject line

4 - Collect feedback!

Make easier for people to give a honest feedback than it is to unsubscribe. Your audience don't want to abandon you, but they definetly will if they think your content is not going in the right direction.

Use tools like surveyx.co to collect feedback and keep track of what your readers are thinking. You can embed the survey directly into your emails!

Bonus - Be yourself and be patient!

People loves originality. Don't compare yourself or your newsletter to others. Create good content, share it periodically with your target and be patient.

I hope this helps! Remember, your newsletter has something truly unique to offer your subscribers; it’s simply a matter of dialing that value in!


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